Hey, I'm Ren

Web and Software Developer in Cleveland, Ohio

I develop web and software solutions to solve complexities for modern organizations. My primary goal is to put more money in your pocket by developing technology solutions that fit your business.

Skilled. Experienced.

Over six years of experience with...

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Email Design, WordPress and WooCommerce

Recent Work

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Certified WordPress Expert.

Certified WordPress Expert with 5-star rating on Codeable

Codeable is the place to find the "creme de la creme" of WordPress developers. They accept only 2% of applicants, so the Codeable devs know their stuff. Oh, and I actually have a sweet certificate!

Why Me?

Personal. Practical. Results-driven.

When you need attention, you get it right from the person handling the project. I'm not an agency, so I don't have project managers, or customer service people. I work hand-in-hand with my clients to deliver quality results with a personalized experience.

Web Solutions

As a business owner/manager, you are focused on saving money, and making more of it. Whether it's a client portal that lets you cut back on tedious client management, or a booking system that lets you schedule more consultations, I can help you determine what web-based technology will help you achieve your goals.

E-Commerce Solutions

Want to accept payment for your products or services online? E-commerce applications are more important than ever. 80% of Americans make online purchases, and 15% do so on a weekly basis. With younger generations, these numbers will only continue to rise. Make sure your business keeps up with modern purchasing trends.

Digital Marketing

Digital and online marketing is all about using modern technology to reach your target customers. Once you know who your ideal customer is, your next move is to map out a plan for getting your business in front of them. This requires creating a solid brand, creating content your customers want, providing value, and much more.

About Me

Started developing software in 2012

Graduated Cleveland State University in 2015

Code is my passion, hobby, and relaxer

Random Facts

I love suits (and ties), a lot!

Country music all day long

Donuts are my favorite thing in life

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