Organizing Github Repos and Gists with GitTags

Earlier this week, I released a Github oAuth application that allows Github users to tag their repos and gists, including starred repos and gists.

For years, I’ve wished for a way to organize my repos and gists (especially starred repos) in my own way. Any time I come across a useful open-source project, I like to star it. Starring it allows me to give the author some credit, and “bookmark” it so that I can look it up later. Unfortunately, Github doesn’t make that lookup very easy, because it throws all of your stars into one lengthy list.

git tags tag github repositories

GitTags integrates with Github to pull in your repos, gists, starred repos, and starred gists, so that you can tag each one however you wish. It then shows you all of your tags, along with any repo or gist (including stars), in a list for you to conveniently access at any time. For me, I can tag repositories and snippets according to things like WordPress, Laravel, etc..

GitTags was created to solve a personal itch. I made it available publicly in case it might help others with the same issue. To get started, simply visit, and log in with Github. GitTags will help you handle the rest.

It’s free to use. Enjoy!

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