The SSFM build involved a custom PSD to WordPress. The design was created by a designer for SSFM, and the process of converting it into a custom WordPress theme was left to me.

SSFM Employees

One of SSFM’s biggest assets is its employees. To highlight the talented individuals at the company, SSFM wanted a way to manage and display its employees. This was built using a custom post type in WordPress.

SSFM Job Listings

Next, SSFM needed a way to manage career opportunities. This included a way to create and remove available job positions, display them to users, and offer an intuitive way for prospective applicants to submit their resumes. I built this feature using another custom post type. Additionally, I used Gravity Forms for the application form, and populated the form dynamically based on the job to which the user wants to apply. Some pretty neat development work here.

SSFM Locations

Last, but not least, SSFM needed a simple way to manage its numerous global locations. Again, custom post types to the rescue! Each location included its basic contact information, and I also integrated each office with Google Maps so that viewers could easily pull up a map and directions if needed.

Thoughts on the SSFM International project.

Project Overview

SSFM International is a professional planning, design and project management firm, whose services include planning, project management, construction management, civil engineering, structural engineering, and traffic engineering. The SSFM project was based on improving the company’s ability to manage its online presence, and to highlight its most important qualities. The build was completed using WordPress as a content management system, a custom child theme based on the Genesis Framework, as well as a few custom plugins. Development time was approximately four weeks. It turned out quite well, and I enjoyed working on the project.