EngageWP Home

The main home page needed to convey the primary purpose of EngageWP: sharing WordPress expertise. Through a modern, gorgeous design, and short, effective copy, this point is driven home right away.

EngageWP Products

With the introduction of premium downloads on EngageWP, I needed an efficient way to show off the products, and to give customers an intuitive way to purchase them. In addition to listing various purchase/license options, products also served to upsell monthly memberships.

EngageWP Account Area

With e-commerce features, customers need a user-friendly account area to access information about their purchases and account. The EngageWP account area shows a user all of her downloads, allows her to update account information (name, email, etc.), and also includes an upsell for monthly memberships.

EngageWP Blog

Lastly, as a blog, first and foremost, EngageWP needs to show off its content in a clean, simple way for easy reading. The blog layout shows posts in a single-column view with straightforward excerpts to quickly tell a reader what the post is about.

Thoughts on the EngageWP project.

Project Overview

EngageWP is a site I built and owned for three years. The site was primarily a blog dedicated to educational material for learning WordPress. It also included premium downloads (e.g. WordPress themes and plugins), as well as premium content, and membership capabilities. Through creating a large amount of content, EngageWP began to generate a fair amount of monthly revenue through direct, on-site sales, and affiliate commissions. The custom Genesis child theme emphasizes clean, modern web design with a lack of distraction (no sidebars filled with ads).